Our real estate services

Your property hunter Ifapimmo - searches for all types of real estate : apartments, studios, lofts, duplexes, plateaus, town mansions, villas, terraced houses, luxury mansions, houses, castles, manors, manor houses, large properties, charming, residences, farms, professional locations, goodwill, offices, warehouses, workshops, garages, parking areas, barges, land, investment property, etc...

An interview and a personalized study

During a detailed interview we analyze your specific real estate project evaluate it together in an objective manor as well as its feasibility, in order to optimize the search criteria to be implemented.

With this in mind, a real estate hunter from Ifapimmo may arrange a meeting at your home or another place of your choice (eg workplace). As well as saving time, this personalized contact allows us to know you better, to target your specific needs, as well as identify your exact specifications.

In a logic of absolute transparency, a search mandate then clearly defines our mission, it's duration, our respective obligations, our fees, etc ...

A Customized real estate search

Once your project is established, we immediately exploit methodically the entire housing market and visit the property (apartment, house, villa, apartment building, land, etc.). likely to correspond to your request.

Regular monitoring and accurate information

After each visit, you will receive as soon as possible, on your customer account or any other means at your convenience, a detailed account of our investigations.

The information thus supplied relate to the visited property (built area, type of construction, exhibition, equipment, work potential, etc..), But also its immediate environment and its general geographic location (as the case may be: noise polution, type of neighborhood, shops, schools and public transport nearby, time to get to your workplace, planning potential projects in the area, etc..).

This report is accompanied by digital photographs (subject to consent of the owner of the property visited) allowing you an even more serene first impression of the pre-selected property. Their viewing can also be done in the company of an Ifapimmo, real estate hunter at your home or your workplace.

Targeted visits and logistics support

We adapt ourselves fully to your availability to conduct surveys of real estate you have selected, or if you wish, which we have screened for you.

We make appointments with the vendors (owners or estate agents) and we accompany you on these visits, usually grouped in order to optimize your time schedule.

If an opportunity arises, we will notify you immediately in order to make an appointment as soon as possible..

The closing of your real estate project

As a real estate expert and coach, we accompany you, independently, in all of your endevours and provide objective opinions (the desired property's evaluation, analysis of the price per m2, estimates of potential renovation work, negotiation, technical and legal advice, etc..) right up until the signing of the deed before a notary or the signing of a lease.

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