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Rental property ?

The rental market
Many are the property rental offers on the market but it remains, nevertheless, necessary to target the ads and know the type of lease pertaining thereto. Looking for a furnished apartment ? An unfurnished ? For how long ?

The ads come from estate agencies, private landlords and companies etc ... and even though you have your requirements and criteria, amongst this jungle of ads its not easy finding the necessary time to allocate to the sorting of ads, preparing viewings, and visiting the properties which are of interest to you. You live in Belgium and your schedule does not allow you to take care of it, or you live abroad and unable travel every week. An efficient solution exists: Ifapimmo, cprofessional real estate (property) hunter, takes care of you finding the property that meets your needs.

Property rented

The Pilgrim's Staff

Too late, it is praised !
What's more frustrating than missing out by 1 day THE perfect home, the one which correspondeds precisely to your expectations. You are obliged to start searching process again and hope for better luck the second time.

Unfortunately you can not free yourself whenever an opportunity arises and you could waste your energy just to fall into the same scenario and pattern of deception. Hiring a real estate professional hunter such as Ifapimmo is the solution that allows you to solve all your problems regarding an efficient rental search.

Pitfalls in property leasing

Failure to respect the rights and duties
Like the owners, tenants also have rights and duties with regards to housing. To know them is to comply with them as many are the violations committed in good faith and in ignorance of the rules.
Always sign a written lease.

We frequently forget that the costs of the expert's report for the inventory is to be borne by both parties (landlord and tenant) in equal shares.
Rent + charges: the audit of expenses and their breakdown (hot and cold water, electricity, etc. ... communal charges).

Verification of basic amenities
To avoid many future inconveniences, a systematic verification of the following is required:
Humidity (black marks on the walls and ceilings, loose wallpaper, window seals, condensation);
Leaks: flush, faucets;
Aeration: washrooms, water, kitchen (hood);
Electricity: lighting points, plugs (ground wire?), The electric grid panel (power);
Tranquility: noise from the elevator, the neighborhood dogs barking, purring boiler, fridge, washing machine and dryer..

Bruyances environmental
Diurnal and nocturnal noise pollution is sometimes unavoidable. A good knowledge of the environment in which you live is necessary and therefore must be checked for the following:
Double-glazed windows;
Daytime activities: factories (unloading cargo), shops, cafés, buses, trams, cars, motorcycles, airplanes etc. ... ;
Night activities: from 7:00 p.m., often in the lobby, the elevator, the insulation of neighboring apartments (above, below, collateral) etc. ...

Property conclusions

Property rental is not to be improvised, it requires perfect knoledge of all the procedures regarding the condition of the property up for rent, pitfalls and current legislation regarding leases. Ifapimmo take all the necessary precautions to continuously inform you in all transparency, whatever the budget, making your rental experience a safe and pleasant one.


  • The duration of the lease
  • A written lease is always recommended. It is generally of short duration (<3 years) or 9 years.
  • The rental guarantee
  • The establishment of a guarantee by rental deposit is not required by law, but may be explicitely provided for in writing.
  • The registration of the lease
  • The registration of the lease is a MANDATORY formality, modifications or amendments to the contract must also be recorded.
  • The indexation of rent
  • During the tenant's occupation of the premises, indexation can be applied on the anniversay of the commencement of the lease even if the contract does not so provide..
  • Rental charges
  • The costs include all costs of occupancy. Costs are classified as consumption of (water, gas, electricity) and for a building (maintenance of the commons, elevator, condominium fees, etc ...).
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • When a property is rented, there will always be taps to be replaced, maintenance of the water heater, chimneys to be swept, painting jobs to be carried out, ... So the question arises, who should get the bill: the tenant or the owner ?

In the case of a lease

A complete and detailed file of the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants is available only for Ifapimmo customers.