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Purchase a property ?

Real estate opportunities
Whether it be an apartment, a family home, villa or any other property which you are seeking, you'll receive countless real estate offers, of a more or less attractive nature, by estate agencies and/or private notaries.

Although you have your criteria and requirements for your property purchase, it's not an easy task sorting through the jungle of ads, tracking the housing market and viewing the properties which you have retained . You who live abroad, you who live in Belgium but do not have time to deal with the purchase of a property, the services of a professional real estate hunter like Ifapimmo is the ideal solution to help meet your goals.

Property sold

The obstacle course

Too late, it's sold !
In spite of your best efforts lasting days, week-ends, weeks or even months (this is the most common case), you have dedicated to finding your ideal coveted property, it is sold !

Lack of response, time, monitoring ... the causes of your disappointment are many. Efficient search for a property takes a lot of energy, time, sacrifice and stress! With your professional real estate hunter Ifapimmo, these phenomena are virtually nonexistent. We are constantly surveying the property market in order to avoid this kind of inconvenience and frustration.

Some real estate pitfalls to avoid

Enticing ads
The presentation of some ads sometimes offer properties that do not correspond to the actual market value: "Unique", "Do not miss", "Seize the opportunity", etc. ... Note that if a property is actually priced under its market value and does not match, it would probably sell immediately without any advertising.
There are therefore no "bargains" to be had? Yes, but one must know the sources and seize the opportunities. It is also one of the functions of our business ,namely "public relations" to unearth that illusive real estate opportunity.

Surfaces of a building
Virtually all the ads mention the number of square meters of the property for sale. The square meters announced include what? Living area, floor area, gross area, net area? The attic, basement, garage, annex, terrace, balcony, are all of these spaces included in the surfaces ?

To find out, one solution: to systematically measure all the spaces, annexes, terraces and balconies. As a property hunter, we are always amazed at the difference between the surface announced the result of our measurement (laser). Considering the prices per square meter, this crucial ritual is often a positive point in the price negotiation. With Ifapimmo as your property hunter, you will know exactly how many square meters you are buying as well as their use.

The condition of a building
A real estate property in Belgium is sold in its current state well know by the buyer on the day of the signing of the sales agreement and the signing of the deed. Do you really know the building you are buying? Your purchase budget can become a nightmare and a money pit if you are not sure there will be no major work, enough to encumber your original real estate project.

Recent road works, neighboring buildings, have they not caused cracks, deformations in the structure of the building ? The roof, the platform was recently replaced, is it really waterproof ? Is the electric grid conform to the new standards (mandatory) ? Are the window frames well insulated? What are the costs of work to be considered ?

Real estate conclusions

A real estate transaction can not be improvised, it requires perfect knowledge of the real estate market, structural elements of buildings, the cost of work to be carried out and current legislation. Ifapimmo takes all the necessary precautions to inform you in all transparency whatever the budget of your proposed purchase. As a result, you will make a better purchase.


No time or unavailable to coordinate the work of transformation or decoration of your property? Just call on Ifapimmo !
  • Coordination of a project
  • We organize, coordinate and supervise the various sites in progress for you.
  • Trades and Crafts
  • Heating technicians , electricians, plumbers, masons, plasterers, painters etc ...
    We are able to provide a team of professional trades as well as manage the maintenance of your real estate property.
  • Architects, decorators
  • We only recommend enterprising professionals who are able to furnish you with views and suggestions in order to achieve a customized result.
  • Maintenance of your property
  • The maintenance of a building is essential to keep your property healthy and at least keep its intrinsic value.
    Avoid the hassle of a leaky faucet, the maintenance of the boiler or water softener etc ...
    Ifapimmo Ifapimmo takes care of all these small jobs and manages them for you.