Real Estate Charter

Whilst a real estate agent representing vendors, sign a sales mandate and strive to sell their apartments or houses, Ifapimmo - researcher of real estate - only defends the interests of the purchaser on the basis of a search mandate. Having no properties portfolio (apartments, houses, land, buildings, etc..), Ifapimmo positions itself on the buyer's side consequently offering a real service: searching and visiting a property in an objective manner according to his wishes.

A clear and precise contractual commitment

All Ifapimmo's commitments vis-à-vis its customers are contractual.

Search mandates specify in detail our missions, in particular: find a property that exactly matches the criteria established by the client in a comprehensive report, regular information on the properties pre-viewed via detailed reports accompanied by digital photos and provide technical advice during viewings.

The same applies to our invoicing. The contract of a search mandate for the purchase of a property concluded with the customer is perfectly clear: apart from the operating costs of 500 € without VAT after 4 weeks of research (deductible at end of the mission), Ifapimmo's fees are perceived only in the event of final success: 50% on the signing of the sales agreement and 50% on the signing of the deed at the executing notary when his client becomes the owner. The fees are permanently fixed at between 1% and 2% of the property's sale price (excluding VAT, notary fees) depending on whether the property is sold by a realtor (or any other paid intermediary) or by a private party (or any other unpaid intermediary).

Efficient and immediate action

No source of information is excluded. Upon execution of the contract between Ifapimmo and the client, the entire real estate market is methodically exploited: personal ads, real estate agencies, solicitors, property managers, developers, merchants and property managers, notices advertising auction sales (a study of the Court or notary via a temporary administrator), etc.. Pre-viewings are immediately carried out.

EAttentive to the purchaser's wishes (private, professional or an investor), offering an efficient personalized service (with a fee reflecting the outcome) according to a recognized quality charter - your property hunter Ifapimmo - prospects the entire market, target , finds and negotiates the right price the property according to your own interests.

A transparent and detailed privacy

All real estate pre-viewed by one of our hunters is subject to a regular visit and detailed report (via the free personal space allocated to the customer by mail, email, meeting at the client's home or place of work, etc..). This transparent and accurate information allows the client to make an informed decision before viewing a property

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