Property negociation

A realtor's help ?

Custome made assistance
You have found a property to purchase or to rent through your own means but wish to obtain a neutral opinion from a real estate specialist in order to verify several technical, environmental or administrative aspects.

Virtually all your requirements have been met but you are unsure of the advertised price and the actual market value, the successful implementation of the materials used, the electrical circuit to be brought up to legal standards, the dimensional accuracy of the measurements of the spaces, that the sales agreement or the leasing contract are conform to regulations, etc...
Assistance services on request for a limited time (custom made) as a property hunter, Ifapimmo takes you on board and assists you on a punctual basis advising/assisting you on every step of the rent/purchase process, for all types of realty search.

Estate plan

Lack of time

Possibly you had not foreseen that a series of verifications were needed before signing a sales agreement, deed or a lease. Necessary appointments with several contacts must fit in an already tight schedule.
All these meetings, if not rigorously respected, may delay the development and the upcoming move to your project.

The intervention of Ifapimmo, your professional property hunter, helps you in a periodical fashion as often as and when you need them.

Advantages of using temporary real estate

Periodical support gives you total freedom. You're able to appeal to custome made services only when necessary to strengthen your specific realty project.

Prudent and preventive advice
You'll benefit in total transparency of an external professional opinion. With his advice you'll avoid making mistakes during your property search and limit the hazards of risky decisions that may affect your project.

Financial gains
During the sale or rental price negotiations, the intervention of a real estate professional will help, in most cases, to reduce the final cost. No commission is due to Ifapimmo other than the pre-determined periodical fees.

Saving time
The remoteness of the client living abroad or distant from the city's project limit the responsiveness of its actions and interventions. To attend a real estate professional hunter as dynamic qu'Ifapimmo pays off for a lesser contribution.


  • Negotiating the price of the property
  • Whether a purchase or a rental, Ifapimmo intervenes in the negotiation of the final price with the owner or estate agent. The desired price by an owner is rarely the price advertised. Benefiting from professional advice may make a substantial difference to your budget.
  • Technical aspects
  • The technical elements published in the ads may not correspond to reality. Ifapimmo assists you in establishing a series of tests not only to check the state of health of the construction but also of all the modern conveniences.
    Your budget may also benefit from this preventive enlightened view.
  • Useful Files
  • Contradictory measurements of the property could be useful not only for the furniture layout but also to control the floor space that will play a key role in negotiating the final price.
    Upon request, Ifapimmo éwill establish accurate measurements as well as providing a much needed plan of your future purchase or rental property, including a series of high quality digital photos.
  • Work to be carried out
  • For any maintenance work, alterations or renovations requiring qualified and trustworthy workmen, Ifapimmo can make available to its clients a team of professionals such as : manual labor workers, site managers, interior designers etc..
  • Pitfalls
  • There are many stations to be controlled in order to secure a successful and stressless investment or tenancy. We have listed some pitfalls to avoid in purchasing real estate or renting a property. Take time to check them out.
  • Availability
  • Ifapimmo is available 7 days a week for an immediate response of the services offered to its customers.